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Increase the Competitiveness of Your Employee Benefits with HRBI Personal Insurance

Recruiting and retaining the best talent is an ongoing challenge for tech employers. So it stands to reason that employers are continually looking for unique ways to offer attractive, competitive benefit packages that entice good employees to join and stay with their organization.

HR Benefits Inc. (HRBI), a WTIA subsidiary, specializes in benefit programs for small employers (< 500 employees) and has developed a cadre of solutions that deliver unique value to the marketplace. One of HRBI’s new solutions is home and auto insurance for your employees. Keep reading to discover how HRBI personal insurance can protect you and your employees while supporting your recruiting and retention efforts.

Think Outside the Benefits Box

Tech employers have traditionally relied on three types of benefits to lure and keep employees: healthcare, retirement, and equity-based compensation. However, the tech sector is also well known for driving innovation in employee benefits (chef-prepared meals and hot yoga, anyone?), thus raising the bar on what job-seekers are looking for.

Washington has a long-standing reputation as an attractive destination for tech workers. However, once these workers are firmly ensconced in the cities in which they live, buying homes and enrolling their children in schools, the next step is keeping them here. This has become a particular challenge for employers in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. With much of the workforce now doing their jobs remotely, it’s no longer necessary for employees to live within commuting distance of the office. In other words, they can live anywhere and still perform the same job function, which means they aren’t tied to a specific geographic area — or company. This “new normal” further underscores why it’s important for employers to get creative when it comes to offering out-of-the-box benefits that incentivize employees to stay local and remain loyal to an organization.

Partner with an Expert Advisor at HRBI

To that end, it makes sense to partner with a seasoned, trusted advisor who can help provide “hands-on” support to your employees so they have the right solutions to meet their lifestyle needs, such as where to get home and auto insurance. It’s an innovative way to utilize your benefits program to gain a competitive edge in recruiting and foster loyalty while delivering a unique value proposition for your employees.

HRBI has an in-house team of licensed property & casualty staff that provides these advisory services for our member employers and their employees. In fact, that’s why we created a property and casualty personal insurance solution — to make these products easily accessible to our member employers’ workforce, so they don’t have to go through the time and hassle of shopping around for homeowners and auto policies. HRBI matches your employees with the right solutions by offering choices from several markets rather than going directly to an insurer like AllState or Geico. This enables HRBI to broker the best coverage at affordable rates.

In addition, HRBI offers responsive customer service and support for every company we serve, from a two-person startup to a fully scaled organization. Unlike many online solutions in the home and auto insurance space, we have a dedicated insurance team of in-house professionals led by Jared Whaley, an industry veteran with 25+ years of experience. This  allows us to deliver a deep level of expertise, service and support to ensure your employees get the insurance coverage they need.

Finally, HRBI personal insurance scales with your employees as they accumulate wealth. Tech employees tend to be high earners, which means as their pay grade increases, their lifestyle and related insurance needs grow, too. For example, early career workers may start by purchasing home and auto insurance. However, as they receive promotions and move up the ladder, they may buy rental properties, yachts, motorcycles and other luxury items that require a higher level of insurance coverage. HRBI has the capacity and relationships to help your employees obtain the right coverage for the stage of life they’re in. Not only that, we have the ability to grow with them — and your company’s benefits program — every step of the journey.

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