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Personal Insurance: A Powerful Tool in Recruiting Talent

Employee benefits and perks play a major role in reducing employee turnover, which can cost employers tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Countless research has determined that happy employees are more productive, engaged, and willing to stay at a company long-term.

Nearly three in five people name benefits and perks as a top priority when it comes to accepting a job, according to a Glassdoor survey. In another study, 92 percent of employees list benefits as an important factor in their overall job satisfaction. And, according to a Harris Poll GlassDoor Employment Confidence survey, benefits are so important to younger workers that 90 percent of those 18 to 34 years old say they would prefer benefits over pay!

Personal insurance coverage has probably never been so important as it is now. In an era of remote work, needs have changed and it’s important to provide personal insurance that’s aligned with whatever changes are happening. HRBI offers you and your employees an incredible advantage with personal insurance coverage. Leveraging the personal insurance benefit also saves on average several hundred dollars per year.

  • Options. Dealing with the nuances of insurance policies can be daunting. We’ll simplify the choices with customized insurance solutions that address the needs of your employees.
  • Expertise. Our team of experts is not only licensed in property and casualty insurance, they also have great business insight and experience. We’ll unravel the complexities of policy coverage to ensure you’re getting the best coverage possible.
  • Customer Service. As with all HRBI benefits, we provide dedicated staff to provide timely answers to all your questions and assist your claims every step of the way.

With more than 1,000 members, HRBI uses group-buying power to offer a portfolio of benefits and programming designed to help tech companies grow and prosper. HRBI is focused on providing programs and benefits that help companies attract and retain technical talent.



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